3 – 4 pm on Saturday 18th January 2020

Please join us in Manor Woods Orchard to thank the apple and pear trees for last year’s crop and help ensure that they crop well this year.

We will be led by the Wassail Master and guided by the Wassail King and Queen, we will be accompanied by the St Paul’s Wassaillers who will be singing traditional songs, we will recite poems, drink juice from the apples, anoint the trees and make a lot of noise!

To find us, look for the banners near the Vale Lane entrance to Manor Woods Valley.

We will need to make a lot of noise – suggested noise makers include old cooking pots and wooden spoons, or hand bells, whistles or other musical instruments. This is a family orientated event – fireworks and firearms are strictly not permitted.

The orchard can be muddy and has uneven ground, so wear appropriate footwear. It could be cold and wet; please dress appropriately. Bring a torch as it could be getting dark when we finish. Please bear in mind that the ceremony involves a lots of noise; it may not be suitable for very young children or dogs.

Do let us know if you’re coming…via our Facebook page