Avon Wildlife Trust – the largest local charity working to protect wildlife in the West of England area. AWT support some of the volunteer activity sessions in Manor Woods Valley and provides advice and training

Forest of Avon Trust – passionate about trees and woodland, the Trust has supported our work through training our volunteers and running Forest Friday wellbeing groups in the Manor Woods Valley

Bristol Parks Forum – campaigning to protect and enhance all public green space in the city of Bristol. Manor Woods Valley Group is an active member of the Forum

Avon Invasive Weeds Forum – supporting Manor Woods Valley to control the spread of Himalayan Balsam, a non-native invasive weed, along the banks of the Malago

Groundwork West of England – helping people to create better places, Groundwork West of England runs the Future Proof Parks project in Manor Woods Valley

Good Gym running the streets all over Bristol and regularly volunteers in Manor Woods Valley

Zion Bristol – community cafe and arts venue in Bedminster Down, supports us by hosting our meetings and events

Bristol City Council – oversees the management of Manor Valley Woods

YourPark – an initiative by the Bristol and Bath Parks Foundation, working to ensure a bright future for parks and green spaces in the Bristol and Bath area.

Bristol Tree Forum (BTF) is a voluntary organization dedicated to promoting the planting and preservation of trees in the public spaces of Bristol. It has a page dedicated to the trees of Manor Woods Valley.

The Manor Woods Valley Group (MWVG) was preceded by the Malago Valley Conservation Group (MVCG). MVCG covered a similar range of interests and activities to MWVC, but over wider geographical area. The latter maintains a web present as a record of its activities.