Butterflies in Manor Woods Valley Local Nature Reserve

Rachel Harvey has contributed this blog post about the range of beautiful butterflies you can find in Manor Woods Valley Local Nature Reserve.

Head down to Manor Woods Valley Local Nature Reserve, behold the meadows and relax watching butterflies flutter on a sunny day.

It’s the time of year for one of my favourite butterflies the marbled white. A beautiful butterfly often seen on purple knapweed and clover or resting near the top of long grasses. Black markings with a hue of white to cream. Be quick with a camera as they are quick to take flight.

Butterfly Ringlet

The Marbled white butterfly belongs to the family of brown butterflies. The brown butterflies include Meadow brown, Ringlet and Gatekeeper who are flying in the meadow and hedgerows at Manor Woods Valley and Highridge Common.

Often difficult to tell apart in flight, look out for the darker brown of the Ringlet, almost black on fresh newly emerged butterflies. Once settled its easy to spot the rings given this butterfly its name.

Butterfly Meadow Brown

The Gatekeeper butterfly is likely to be seen near or in the meadow hedge rows whilst Meadow brown flutters along and within the meadow grasses  and rests upon the wildflowers, grasses and brambles of the hedgerow.

Butterfly Gatekeeper

You may also spot Red Admiral, Common blue, Small tortoiseshell, Large white, Small white, Green – veined white, Large Skipper, Small skipper, Comma and Painted lady a visitor from the continent in these first weeks of July.

Happy spotting, leave a reply and let us know any butterflies you spot.

With thanks to Rachel Harvey for contributing this blog post.

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