A Special Place

Sam Lester is a member of The Forest of Avon Trust’s wellbeing course in Manor Woods Valley. She wrote this poem in March 2020, just as the country went into lockdown and the course was cut short.

A Special Place

Gently close your eyes and let your mind start to wonder…

Through the maze of all those competing thoughts; be patient, breath,

And it will come

That special place.

And then you can enter the woodland

Hazy at first but there it is, just as you remember it

The path down to that magical place

The buzz of expectant insects, the smell of the ripe earth

Each branch pointing the way, swaying, welcoming

Whilst new buds smile their sticky grins as you pass

And as you veer off the main path, it’s now that familiar track,

Small, less travelled, easily missed.

You can sense it now, just ahead…

The wood smoke signalling, weaving its way through the infant leaves

Colours invading as you reach the clearing, a million vibrant greens saluting the

new shoots rising

Hands wrapped round mugs of tea, the cracking fire lighting lost spirits

The hum of our forest community. Accepting. Restoring.

Gnarly tree fallen in Manor Woods Valley

Hold these treasured moments, still. Let the birdsong remind us

Mother Nature is alive and well

The world is still turning, the woodland awake

The community embers glow strong.

The more than human world cannot and will not be locked down.

Spring is here.


by Sam Lester, 2020

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