Manor Woods Valley is a gem among south Bristol’s many lovely green spaces. It includes the Local Nature Reserve, Manor Woods Orchard and Old Quarries. It has woodlands, wildflower meadows, open parkland, an orchard and the middle stretch of the Malago.

In the Domesday Book of 1086, Bishopsworth is recorded as consisting of a two manors. The description of a woodland in one the manors matches that of the existing ancient portion of Manor Wood.

Wildflower meadow view

In 1600, much of Manor Woods became part of the Headley Farm and the track which led to the farm still exists today. Throughout the Industrial Revolution, Bedminster turned into a densely populated suburb, however Manor Woods remained a strip of land surrounded by urban development.

The whole of the Manor Woods Valley site, from Bishopsworth library entrance in the southwest to Ilchester Crescent in the northeast was first designated as Malago Valley Site of Nature in 1987. In 1998, Manor Woods became part of the Bishopsworth and Malago Conservation Area. Most of Manor Woods Valley was designated as a Local Nature Reserve in 2008.

Manor Woods Valley is a place where wildlife thrives, where orchids grow, where bees hum, where birds sing and where people enjoy all the benefits of nature.

Woodland Path in Spring dPI 72

Manor Woods Valley is a source of great pride for the local communities of Bedminster Down, Bishopsworth and Headley Park and is well used by visitors from across Bristol and beyond.

It is owned by Bristol City Council, with the Manor Woods Valley Group taking on responsibility for most of the conservation work within it.

Much more detail about the human and natural history of Manor Woods Valley is available here.

Click here to see a short video clip entitled ‘Down the Malago’ – please note – Manor Woods Valley Group is not responsible for any third party advertising that may appear in association with this video.

You can forage for wild-food in Manor Woods Valley, but you must not uproot or dig out any plants. We’re preparing a series of short videos to cover foraging, the first covers Ramsons (Wild Garlic)